The Process

What we do when you decide to go for us

Step 1. Discovery

The first part will be about understanding how we can help you most by discussing the optimum strategy for your site.

Step 1:

  • Onboarding
  • Questionnaire
  • Strategy Meeting

Step 2. Design

We will now tackle what design will work with you best. These are what will be discussed

  • How your website will work
  • How people go through your website
  • How contact is organized
  • How your site will achieve your business goals

We have templates available in which you can choose which one you would suit your business the best or if needed, a custom design will be done and approved with your desired colors, design, feel, and style.

There will be a lot of scope wherein you can provide your comments, ideas so that we can make the template of your choosing work to come up with the final design that you will love!

Step 3. Development

After the design has been approved, we will then build your website by making a custom WordPress Theme.

We make the layouts work, the format of the content, testimonials and others.

Your site is built online so you will be able to see it secretly and comment or provide feedbacks in needed before the site goes public.

We’ll make sure that you’ll love your site before we’ll present it to world and will work closely with you through all changes to make sure your site will work for you.

Step 4. Launch

Once the website has been approved, we will then take steps to take your site into live status.

Once your site is made public, we will then ensure that you know the basics of how to manage your site, provide updates and edits, and keep your site spanking new

Step 5. Maintenance

Now that your site is running live and is public, we will be taking care of maintenance, backup, security for a whole month to make sure that your website is A OK.

After the month, you can check on our Website Maintenance Plans if you want us to take care of the maintenance of your website and give you peace of mind that your website will run as smooth as it is from the first time it went live.

Step 6. Search Engine Optimisation

By making sure that the content on your website is optimize, we make sure that you get ahead of your business competitors. We make sure that the initial launch of the site will have the necessary SEO configurations and settings to make sure that you will be steps ahead from anybody of your niche.